Licenses - Print Shop

License Overview

Competition in the printing business has significantly increased over the past decade and labor and production costs have done anything but gone down. The streamlined systems such as gang run printing have forced small businesses to get larger and more efficient or to leave the market. With today's global shipping, even turn around time has ceased to be a factor in preserving individual markets. To compete at the elite level, companies have turned to advanced order workflow software solutions to slash costs and increase production.

The EonWorkflow™ Print Shop license is the print industry's most sophisticated and usable multi-department large scale printing order workflow. Built as a powerful and robust cross platform application the Print Shop Dashboard is divided into department specific tools that keep all orders synchronized in real time. The department workflow is then manageable through a master Dashboard that contains all departments by tabs for easy accessibility and management. The Print Shop license is built on a flexible platform to integrate with other technolgies, and allow us to create additional plugins as our client's needs demand.

Feature Break Down

As with the Print Broker license, the Print Shop license includes the EonWorkflow Storefront which integrates customer ordering directly into your workflow system. The Print Broker license incorporates additional functionality, however, to further streamline and organize the daily demands of a large full service print shop. The following is a "features at a glance" overview.

  • Departmental breakdown order workflow tools to isolate information by department and cater to departmental differences
  • Departments: Prepress, Imposition (accepts EonWorkflow Metrix imposition plugin), Printing, Finishing, Cutting, Boxing, Bindery, Fulfillment, Delivery and Mailing (accepts EonWorkflow UPS WorldShip plugin)
  • Master Order Workflow Dashboard with departments broken down by tab for management monitoring
  • Individual department operator utility log and reports tool
  • Individual department material usage log and usage reports tool
  • Proof viewer to allow every department access to order artwork
  • Sample requests utility

Grow web exposure, streamline your departmental workflow and cut your costs with the EonWorkflow Print Shop license by talking to one of our software customization experts today.