Storefront - Orders & Estimates System

Placing orders with EonWorkflow™ Storefront is an easy and intuitive process. Clients can customize job name information, split shipments or select additional options for proofs; changes are captured in real time so there are never surprises at checkout.

The flexibility of the shopping cart allows clients to add products to the active order without losing any previous selections. All selections are then paid for as a single order, and grouped by EonWorkflow accounting tools into one invoice to streamline financials. Despite being grouped for financial purposes, each individual cart item is a standalone job in the Order Workflow Dashboard allowing you to produce them independently.

Credit card processing is the default payment option for orders, but EonWorkflow allows you to offer Net 30 accounts, COD options and house credit as additional payment options at your discretion. After payment is complete, artwork may be uploaded for the order using the file upload feature.

Estimates are also made easy by the EonWorkflow Storefront. Clients can choose from all of your available options or enter custom options and submit the estimate request. You can view the estimate, make any changes, add pricing on a department by department basis, and set the price. The client can then go into their dashboard and move forward with the estimate directly through the order system.