Additional Features - Prinergy

Print shops that utilize Kodak's Prinergy Connect can get enhanced functionality with EonWorkflow™ through our Prinergy Connect Plugin. This plugin is designed to help streamline your pre-production tasks.

With this plugin, you will not need to manually create jobs in Prinergy, nor will you need to manually add files to refine or move completed proofs back to your EonWorkflow system for client approval. The EonCode plugin is custom tailored to your environment, allowing you to easily submit jobs to Prinergy. Once a job is submitted, Prinergy creates the job, automatically collects the input files, refines them, creates the proofs and makes them available on your EonWorkflow installation. Your prepress team just needs to review the files and notify the customer that their order is ready for approval.

Contact one of our account managers today to add this plugin to your Print Shop or Print Distributor installation.