Dashboard - Features At A Glance

Order Workflow and Estimate Tool

  • Sophisticated search capabilities to identify specific jobs
  • Departmental breakdown by tabs
  • Additional Cost/Charge Section for each department
  • In-system email functionality to updates and changes
  • Reprint order button
  • In-tab department notes log
  • Client’s contact information
  • Job status drop-down lists to control job progression
  • Ability to price jobs on a per-department basis (estimates utility)
  • Standard costs and additional cost per-department sections (estimates utility)
  • Streamlined transition system for approved estimates (estimates utility)
  • Recurrence of useful features from the order workflow (estimates utility)

Storefront Customization Utilities

  • File manager to easily access, edit and re-upload job artwork
  • Product manager to control pricing on all product combinations
  • Simplified access to Storefront website content, CSS, image folders, meta tags, titles and navigation using Site Manager

Client Manager and Sales Administration Tools

  • Fully editable client record system including notes and flags
  • Flexible payment styles assignable on per-client basis
  • Discount and house credit system assignable on per-client basis
  • Discount system assignable on a per-product and per-client basis
  • Display of client’s order history within profile
  • Reseller certificate details available within profile
  • Ability to link clients to sales persons
  • Sales team admin and sales tracking module
  • Sales team report system
  • Sample request manager

Accounting Tools

  • Fully featured invoice tool directly built from system order information
  • Invoice printing
  • Flexible invoice actions to deal with house credits and refunds.
  • Date definable summary reports that are downloadable in XLS or CSV format
  • Statement generator with batch pay features
  • House credits manager