Additional Features - UPS WorldShip Plugin

EonWorkflow™ Print Shop and Print Distributor Suites have the ability to incorporate an additional UPS WorldShip plugin. If your PrintShop or Print Distributor Suite installation is based on our "On-Site" server platform, you can choose to license this plugin.

The WorldShip plugin is designed to streamline your fulfillment department by allowing your staff to transmit shipments to your WorldShip installation. Once a shipment is transmitted, WorldShip will create a new shipment, print the necessary labels, update your order with the tracking number and notify your client. All your staff needs to do is place the UPS label on your packages and set them aside for UPS to pickup.

This plugin saves a great deal of time and labor. Instead of spending resources to manually key in the shipment information for each order, you can have your staff enter the tracking number into EonWorkflow or mark complete the shipment. The actions are automated for standard UPS domestic shipments.

Contact one of our account managers today to add this plugin to your Print Ship or Print Distributor installation.