Storefront - Overview

Your businesses website has a direct impact on your clients' impression of your company and its overall image. Not only should it look professional, it should be powerful, yet easy to use. The “face” of EonWorkflow™ is a professionally designed storefront developed from the ground up for use with the printing industry rather than adapted from a generic shopping cart.

The goal behind this trend setting order processing platform was to create a tool which would make online ordering easy for your clients, and streamline all print jobs into a single paperless management system. The Storefront features make it a complete order submission and management tool. Whether orders are placed online by a client across the country, or by one of your regulars walking through the door, the Storefront helps you efficiently process orders, order payment and order artwork. By funneling all orders into the EonWorkflow system via the Storefront, you will be able to use the Order Workflow Dashboard for complete printing workflow management and order progression.

With the Storefront's powerful pricing calculator, clients get real time pricing on every possible variation of the products you offer. After placing an order, clients can upload artwork for the order using the site's artwork upload and proof system. Once the artwork is confirmed, clients can keep up to date on their orders via the client's personal web-based dashboard. The EonWorkflow Storefront is the most effective web to print tool available where clients can submit jobs, process job artwork, and stay abreast of job progression.

Ready to grow your online business and use the order placement tools available in EonWorkflow to seriously streamline your incoming orders? Get a first hand feel for the print industry's best web-to-print storefront solution by trying our live demo site.