Dashboard - Overview

The core of the EonWorkflow™ web-to-print and order workflow system is the Order Workflow Dashboard. Packed with features to make running your print business easier and more efficient, the Dashboard will quickly become the center of success as processes are expedited, workflow is streamlined and costs are significantly cut.

In an effort to avoid the limitations inherent in a browser-based workflow management system, we created a powerful cross-platform desktop application to systematize and manage your business. With the ability to install the Dashboard on any computer, you retain the freedom to utilize this powerful tool in the office or the field. As long as you have an internet connection, you can manage your orders, clients, accounting, sales team and website.

The attention to detail and research we have put into developing the print industry's most complete order workflow management tool has been our passion. With a team of designers, developers, engineers and management that boasts decades of print industry experience, the EonWorflow Order Workflow system was designed by people who understand the daily demands of a printing business. Guided by a central concept making the print job an information nucleus, EonWorkflow is an enterprise level database driven application that stands alone in the industry. Its capacity to reduce staff, eliminate errors and increase efficiency make EonWorkflow completely unique.

By effectively systematizing your entire workflow into the EonWorkflow system, you essentially open the door to use more advanced technologies developed both by EonCode and other vendors. Print business owners everywhere are realizing that technology is essential to stay competitive. The EonWorkflow Order Workflow Dashboard is the access tool to this incredibly robust and easy to use system. Get a first hand look at this tool in action by registering for a live demo led by one of our print industry professionals.