Licenses - Print Distributor

The EonWorkflow™ Print Distributor license is our elite print shop software and business model concept. The license essentially transforms a large print shop with full service printing capabilities into a receptacle for all printing orders submitted through a host of independently branded second-tier Print Brokers.

Using the Print Distributor system your print shop will have its own web presence with the EonWorkflow Storefront whereby clients can place and track orders. Those orders are instantly accessible using the EonWorkflow Dashboard system identical to the features available in the Print Shop license. The difference between the Print Distributor and Print Shop licenses lies in the Print Distributor's ability to have other print brokers setup with an EonWorkflow eCommerce Storefront where orders placed flow back to the distributor for printing.

The distributor model has two options for how orders from satellite brokers are processed. If payment for the order is processed by the distributor, the job is automatically part of the distributor's printing job database, and the broker is paid a commission. If payment for the order is processed by the broker, the broker has the option to transfer to and pay the distributor for the printing. In either case, print job transfer from broker to distributor is seamless. The independent print brokers will have access to a limited version of the EonWorkflow Dashboard to manage their clients and track orders.

The Print Distributor license contains all of the software available through the Print Shop license but includes a number of EonCode's specific website and dashboard setup and management tools as well. The tools included in the package allow you to setup websites for other print brokers and integrate their sales into your production system.

The EonWorkflow Print Distributor license is not available without pre-qualification. The system has radically transformed multiple print businesses into the industries leading print production providers, but it is an extremely sophisticated product. To qualify for the Print Distributor license and business model, you will need to begin using the Print Shop license. Our account specialists will work hard to make you an expert in the use and administration of the EonWorkflow system so you can quickly move to the next level.