Storefront - Features At A Glance

Storefront Look & Feel

  • Total customization of website content, images and CSS
  • Completely brandable
  • Professional starting-point-templates
  • Intuitive functionality layout
  • Complete cross-browser compatibility

Storefront Functionality

  • Option segmented order building
  • Real time calculation of orders built
  • Trade printer pricing restriction mode
  • Secure login and secure order processing
  • Secure credit card processing
  • Offer 4 color, spot color, digital and large format printed products

Storefront SEO

  • Low code-to-text ratio
  • Independent page title, meta tag and content that are easily customized
  • URLs are search engine friendly
  • Minimal HTTP requests for fast loading and spider crawling
  • Alternative non-client-script functionality to enhance spider searchability
  • Includes xml site map to submit to search engines

Client Dashboard Features

  • Order tracking at a glance with drill down order details
  • Real time order status
  • Online Invoicing
  • Artwork upload system
  • Online proofing and collaborative review
  • Online payments of balances due
  • Shipment tracking

Help Center/Education Center

  • Over 180 pages of professionally researched industry specific information.
  • Graphic design layout templates
  • Complete glossary of printing terms
  • Search window for helpcenter content

Infrastructure Features

  • Website hosting included in Print Broker licenses
  • Email accounts included in license
  • Free SSL Certificate (1st Year)
  • Integrated 3Mb data connection on hosted versions ($650.00 Monthly Value)