Additional Features - Metrix Imposition Plugin

Large gang run operations can benefit from an integrated imposition solution. With our Metrix Imposition Plugin, you can streamline your gang assignment tasks. If you use LithoTechnics' Metrix for auto-position assignment to create your gang run jobs, this plugin will save you a great deal of time importing orders and artwork into Metrix.

Using EonWorkflow™, you create a flat of jobs based on common components, whether it is paper type or coating. Our Metrix plugin allows you to export that flat in a format that Metrix can use for auto position assignment. Once you have created the flat with optimum sheet usage, you can export that flat from Metrix either as an imposed PDF or as a JDF that you can import into your RIP software for final assembly and processing.

Contact one of our account managers today for more information about how the Metrix plugin can be a time saving utility in your print shop.