Dashboard - Accounting

The Accounting tools provided with EonWorkflow™ make this solution an all-in-one package. With tools such as invoices, summary reports, house credit management and statements for Net 30 accounts even your administrative overhead costs will go down as you continue to watch production rise.

Invoices can be quickly found using the same search tools provided with order management. Invoices allow you to see client information, order details, totals, balances and all charges already applied. You can also apply additional charges and refunds or even issue house credits.

Statements allow you to generate records for any Net 30 account by quickly finding any client with open unpaid invoices. You can select the orders to combine for a statement detail, generate a PDF to send to the client (or you can print the statement if you choose) and apply batch payments to a group of invoices.

Summary Reports allow you to search between date ranges or specifically for a client to see the totals and details of sales and revenue information. You can even search for a specific client to see just their sales and revenue information.

Finally, house credit management allows you to view and approve any pending credit request. House credits are great if you need to refund a client, it gets them to come back to your storefront to use that credit.