EonDesigner™ Feature Highlight - CMYK Workflow & Vector PDF's


Our newest Storefront component, EonDesigner, is nearly complete. There are a number of powerful features that will simplify your retail online design needs and I want to highlight a few of them in the weeks to come.

The two features that really have me excited is the full CMYK workflow and the ease of creating print-ready PDF's. I have worked with other design online tools in the past and I have seen a range of print files come out to these systems. Often times these systems allow clients to choose RGB web colors and the "print" files created by these systems are a flattened RGB raster images. As far as print-production goes, we all know that is probably the worst possible scenario. 

Clients end up selecting RGB colors that are out of gamut, and once the RGB output file is converted to CMYK, there are rarely good results. It seems that the mentality of other design systems is that "it's good enough". That is NOT good enough.

EonDesigner has been built with an easy to use CMYK workflow. The client can select the color they want and that color is visually displayed as an extremely close approximation of the correct CMYK color. These colors are based on the latest GRACoL profiles. The color they see on their screen will be very close to the printed material.

The other feature that has me excited is the generated print-ready PDF. As I mentioned before, an RGB raster is not a good solution for quality print production. Our developers have spent a good deal of time working to make sure that print files generated by EonDesigner were production ready. Every pre-made design background and clipart image is CMYK. A majority of our clipart is CMYK vector. Images that client upload are converted to CMYK before preview. And best of all, all of the text in the print-ready PDF is 100% vector.

What does this mean for your business? Your clients will be pleased with your printed materials. The print work will look very close the the design the created online. Text quality will be crisp. Your prepress team can easy generate the artwork and send it to your RIP or to your trade printer.

I hope you are as excited as we are about the upcoming launch of EonDesigner. Feel free to preview it in action by registering for one of our special events by going to our Event Calendar.

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